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Product Development


Hey! We are Product Development, aka the R&D team! 👋🏼

We build and run the &frankly service, used by hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of users globally and growing fast! 

We have a calm environment at not much more than an arm’s length from the company fridge, get to choose our own hardware and free choice on what to spend our education budget on. Our team is very diverse, with an open & collaborative culture, discussing problems and helping each other peer review code. Several of us goes to meet-ups and we easily outnumber all other departments at the monthly social activities and free beer, wine, champagne and snacks-Friday-After-Works :)

The entire product team work in a Kanban manner, continuously pulling tasks from our JIRA backlogs, deploying new functionality several times a week. Most developers involved in the full lifecycle from concept to deployment, and opportunity to take part in DevOps task if desired. We communicate via Slack with each other or grab a whiteboard when need, documenting our work in Confluence and through code annotations to auto-generate API docs.

We are split into:

Product, who sets the product roadmap and what features to build. Talking to customers, sales and customer success colleagues we try to understand the most sought-after features our users want and create design concepts and mock-ups to illustrate how they would work. We work with a product backlog in JIRA & Trello using Kanban & stand-ups, design in Adobe, Sketch & Zeplin, use post-its and print-outs, and provide UI/UX artifacts to the front-end and app teams.

App development work remotely implementing our design ideas into responsive and visually stunning native iOS and Android apps in Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin. Our app team use MVVM/MVP patterns and ReactiveX/Observer pattern style architectures, Fabric/Crashlytics, Firebase and a host of other tools, making use of core app features such as location, notifications and much more.

Front-end craft beautiful & functional web components based on design mock-ups, using JavaScript ES6 and React.js, css-modules and postcss for styling. Testing is done with Jest and Enzyme and Webpack is used as a bundler/task runner. During development we use both storybook and a local backend instance running inside Docker.

Lastly, our Back-end team builds and operates the &frankly platform, utilizing Terraform & Docker to deploy scalable microservices on AWS clusters, and a CI/CD flow based on Jenkins running unit & integration tests. Our backend is built on Spring Boot, following best practices like immutability by default, SOLID and KISS. We use VAVR functional-like framework as well as the new Java 8 features (like it's asynchronous API) and RxJava. We store data in MySQL & MongoDB and are actively working on scaling mechanisms such as caching and queuing architecture to support future growth, as well as experiment with big data/ML on our dataset. We monitor our service using Grafana/Graphite and AWS monitoring services and employ a wide number of security mechanisms to protect our service and customer data. We also maintain some legacy components and our marketing web in PHP, and use a mix of other languages for DevOps tasks.

Do you think this sounds like something that could make you smile at work? Then connect with us :) 

This is us! 👋🏼

Ambitious but humble

We're a small but quickly growing team that are passionate about making a change. We value creativity and getting things done over formal titles and fancy business cards. We work collaboratively and hard, with a flat, open and honest culture - and we know that in order to be creative we have to have fun doing it! And have a nice place to work. And satisfy the foodies.

We meet with large international companies one day and small creative agencies the next, which we means we need innovative creators, tech nerds, driven sales reps as well as seasoned HR experts on our team; people that we believe may come from all over the world and join us in Stockholm to realize our vision.

What can you expect?

We are a young company that not too long ago tried our wings with the first (minimal) version of our product – and got caught up in a stampe of customers that impatently had been waiting for something new. This means if you're looking for an org chart and clear processes we might not be the right place for you. But if you're a doer, got ideas and is keen on being part of building a company from an early stage you can't find a better place to be.

  • An exciting journey

    Be part of the startup journey in a company that's actually earning revenue already, and take part in the experience of how to build a company. (Joining early also means you can claim a really cool role now before anyone else takes it :)

  • Room for creativity

    What you do will not be set in stone, nor is how we work – we want people who dare to try new things; we test everything from new sales & marketing methods, new customer engaging solutions and try out new tech in order to find out what works best and apply it where it adds most value. If you've got ideas that makes sense, we will support you in realizing them.

  • Bootstrapping is over

    We're an early stage startup but we're no longer working out of café or our friends' spare room. We've got a nice office at a great location, do friday breakfasts, go out to eat at funky new restaurants and work out together. We haven't got a ping-pong table yet, nor the possibility to exit the office through a slip-and-slide, but I guess that's just a matter of time.

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